Curriculum Vitae


· University Lecturer, Department of French, University of Cambridge (1990- )

· University Assistant Lecturer, Department of French, University of Cambridge (1986-90)


· Ph.D. in French, King’s College, Cambridge (1979-82)

· B.A. (1st), M.A. in French Studies, Sussex University (1974-79)

· Royal Liberty Grammar School (1964-71)

Appointments / Awards

· Fellow, Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers, New York Public Library (2009-10)

· Associate Research Fellow, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (2006-7)

· Visiting Scholar, History Department, Columbia University (2006-7)

· Junior Research Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge (1983-7)

· Le Bas Studentship, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (1982-3)


· Guest-editor, Eighteenth-Century Studies (Johns Hopkins University, special issue, Winter 2008



• [The Boxer and the Goalkeeper: Sartre vs Camus (Simon and Schuster, 2012)]

Beware Invisible Cows (Simon and Schuster, 2009)

Stealing the Wave (Bloomsbury, 2007)

Napoléon écrivain: histoire d’une vocation manquée (Privat, 2003) (which is a translation of the following item)

Napoleon the Novelist (Polity, 2001)

Waiting for Bardot (Faber & Faber, 1996)

Walking on Water (John Murray/Minerva, 1991)

The Mask of the Prophet: the extraordinary fictions of Jules Verne (Oxford University Press, 1989)

The Knowledge of Ignorance: from Genesis to Jules Verne (Cambridge University Press, 1985)


• ‘Beyond Understanding,’ New York Times

• ‘The Phenomenology of Ugly’, New York Times

‘Swimming and Skiing: Two Modes of Existential Consciousness’, Sport, Ethics and

Philosophy, 4: 1, 42 — 51 (2010)

• ‘Empathy, Autism, and Existentialism’, Raritan (Winter 2008)

• ‘Surfing, Lies, and Videotape: two perspectives on the role of media in sport,’ Sport in History, Volume 29, Issue 2, 2009, 243 – 258

• ‘Surfing the Revolution: The Fatal Impact of the Pacific on Europe’, Eighteenth-Century Studies (Winter


• ‘The Enlightenment in Paradise: Bougainville, Tahiti, and the Duty of Desire’ (Winter 2008)

• ‘Willing Women: Samoa, Tahiti and the Western Imagination,’ Raritan (Spring 2006), 144-163

• ‘Sins of the Fathers’, Tate Magazine, 25 (Summer, 2001), 38-41

• ‘Bougainville on the Beach’ in Stephen Coates and Alex Stetter, (eds.), Impossible Worlds: The Architecture

of Perfection (Birkhauser/August, 2000), 79-81

• ‘Mentioned in Dispatches: Napoleon, Chappe, and Chateaubriand’, Modern and Contemporary France,

(2000), 445-55

• ‘Napoleon on Happiness’, Raritan, XIX, 4 (2000), 80-105

• ‘La Voie du surf’, Sport et Littérature, Europe (June/July 1996), 80-8

• ‘The Occidental Orient: Chateaubriand’ in Harold Bloom, (ed.), French Prose and Criticism, 1790 to World

War II (New York, 1990)

• ‘Three Representations of Napoleon’, French Studies (Jan. 1989), 31-45

• ‘The Mask of the Prophet: Napoleon, Borges, Verne,’ Comparative Literature (Fall 1988), 318-34

• ‘The Tree of Ignorance,’ New Observations (New York, 1988)

• ‘The Machine Stops: the Breakdown of the Vernian Vehicle’, Romance Studies (Summer 1985), 63-77

• ‘The Entropy of Balzacian Tropes in the Scientific Fictions of Jules Verne, Modern Language Review (January 1982), 51-62

• ‘Nutrition and Cognition in the Novels of Jules Verne’, French Studies (January 1983), 47-58

• ‘The Genesis of Ignorance’, Philosophy and Literature (Spring 1981), 3-21

Recent Invited Papers

• ‘What It Feels Like To Be Alive’, Cullman Center, New York, 2010

• ‘French Icons’, Festival of Ideas, Cambridge, 2008

• ‘Only One Serious Philosophical Problem: the dialogue between Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus’, University of Kent, Distinguished Scholar Lecture, 2009

• ‘Beware Invisible Cows’, Rugby School, Scholar’s Lecture

• ‘Stranger than Fiction’, Arvon Foundation 2009, Tutor

• Port Eliot LitFest 2007, ‘Stealing the Wave

• ‘Through the Looking-Glass: reflections on mirrors, light, and the origin of things’, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, Fall 2007

• ‘Three Versions of Existentialism: The Boxer, The Goalkeeper, and the Skier’, Opening Address, Conference

of the British Society for Sports History, University of Stirling, summer 2007

• ‘Hell is Other People: an existentialist theory of conflict’, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, Fall, 2006

• ‘Postcards from Paradise’ (Cambridge Modern/Medieval research seminar, 2005)

• ‘Napoleon as Movie-Director’ (London, Institut Français, ‘Napoleon Seen by the Enemy’, 2004)

• ‘Images of Tahiti during the French Revolution’ (conference at University of Cork, ‘Language, Literature,

and the Imaginaire’, 2003)


Courses I have taught over the past 3 years include:

• Undergraduate level:

Introduction to French literary texts


Twentieth-century literature, thought, and history

Nineteenth-century literature, thought, and history

Modern European Film

• Graduate level:

Literary theory

Romanticism and Revolution


Recent Responsibilities

Schools Liaison Officer

Disability Officer

M Phil examinations officer

Beyond the Academy

Articles and reviews on a variety of subjects for a number of newspapers and journals. Selected examples:

• ‘Seduced by Cern’ but not convinced’, Independent, 11 September, 2008

• ‘The Book of Dead Philosophers by Simon Critchley’, Independent, 8 September 2008

• ‘Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku’, Independent, 6 July 2008

• ‘Breath by Tim Winton’, Independent, 23 May 2008

• ‘Nothing to Lose by Lee Child’, Independent, 2 April 2008

• Why Lawyers Should Surf by Tim Kevan and Michelle Tempest, 9 January 2008

• ‘The Millefeuille of Europe’, Telegraph, 4 July 2005, on a history of France in the twentieth century

• ‘Heartbreak, Hunks, Horror’, Telegraph, 22 Nov, 2004, on the cinema of surfing

• ‘He believed in ghosts and aliens’, Telegraph, 4 Jan. 2004, reviewing a biography of Jung

• ‘As if high on mescaline’, Telegraph, 29 July 2003, on Bernard Henri-Levy’s biography of Jean-Paul Sartre

• ‘Different angles of the Lord’, Independent, 22 Dec. 2001, reviewing a number of books about the Bible

• ‘Let’s take a poker to this plague of apostrophes’, Independent, 10 April 2001, on the over-use of apostrophes in book titles

• ‘Road from Damascus’, Independent, 15 Nov. 1998, on the paintings of Issam Kourbaj

• ‘In the ministry of purity’, The Times, 5 June 1992, a report on the French language

• ‘Surreal sex’, The Times, 12 Nov. 1992, reviewing Surrealist Seminars on Sex

• ‘Witch-hunting Jacques Derrida’, The Times, 13 May 1992

• ‘To e or not to e’, The Times, 1 April 1992, on a translation-in-progress of Georges Perec’s La Disparition

• ‘The real life of a lover of lies’, Independent on Sunday, 5 May 1991, an interview with Mario Vargas Llosa

Other Media

• ‘Napoleon and Tacitus’, Radio 3, 11 March 2008

• ‘In Our Time’, ‘The Trial of Madame Bovary’, with Melvyn Bragg and others, 12 July 2007

• For BBC Radio 4, a series, ‘Conversations’, including programs dedicated to Napoleon, Gauguin, Vincent

Van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci (2001-2002)

• Also for BBC Radio 4, ‘Paperback Writers’, a series on ideas and writers of the 1960s in Europe and

America (1997)

• ‘Walking on Water’, the science of surfing for Equinox, C4

Andy Martin: Curriculum Vitae