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Sexual addiction: Is there really such a thing?

Sexual addiction: Is there really such a thing? High-profile celebrities have come out as being ‘addicted to sex’, but is there really such a thing – or is it simply a good excuse for bad behaviour? Andy Martin investigates Read the Article >>

One night in Brooklyn

One night in Brooklyn: how US philosophers are processing truth and reality in the age of Trump On a visit to New York, Andy Martin finds febrile philosophising reminiscent of Paris in ’68, as intellectuals try to process Trumpian reality. Is a war brewing in America between the contemplatives and the contemptible? Read the Article >>

The very ‘special relationship’

The very ‘special relationship’: A British-American pact for end-of-life care Englishman Andy Martin has a special American friend, Sam – a bear hunter who lives out in the woods. The two have a ‘health insurance plan’ that perhaps Trump and May will approve of. It’s called Montana-care, and when their time is done Andy and Sam will venture out into the wilderness – and blow each other’s brains out Read the Article >>

The great combover: Would we have elected Trump if he was bald?

America has been voting for a head of state but what it got was a head of hair. Andy Martin deconstructs the presidential hairdo and discovers you can see right through it. His hair doesn’t care about truth, it’s all about form and style, an airy helmet doomed to collapse. Read the full article >>

Singing in the rain: the philosophy of disappointment

You drop your favourite vase. The vase is not broken. It has been restored to its pre-vase state. So nothing is lost. West Ham crash out of the FA Cup. Trump is elected President… What is disappointment and how should we deal with it? Andy Martin considers, through its history and philosophy, how we can live with or overcome this difficult emotion Read the full article here >>


Andy Martin investigates the role the thriller genre plays in shaping political narratives – and how it may be contributing to the steady collapse of society. Read full article here >>


Nordic noir: The star and creator of ‘The Killing’ on the roots of Scandi darkness Why does Scandinavia inspire such uniquely dark TV drama? In the first of a three-part series, Andy Martin goes to Denmark to meet the star and creator of The Killing, and finds that the roots of Nordic noir are grimly steeped in suicide, porn, existential angst… and Brideshead Revisited READ THE ARTICLE >>