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Nordic noir: The star and creator of ‘The Killing’ on the roots of Scandi darkness Why does Scandinavia inspire such uniquely dark TV drama? In the first of a three-part series, Andy Martin goes to Denmark to meet the star and creator of The Killing, and finds that the roots of Nordic noir are grimly steeped in suicide, porn, existential angst… and Brideshead Revisited READ THE ARTICLE >>


BOOK BLOKE started this ‘Reader Confessions’ tag as follows:   OK, so i haven’t actually been tagged in this but it seemed like a fun idea and i’m doing it anyway. 1. Have you ever damaged a book? Unfortunately yes , I once dropped a harry potter book (it may have been my sisters actually) in a bucket of wallpaper paste. Other than that no,but i do break the odd spine (on books not people) , i know that to a book lover breaking a book’s spine is the 8th deadly sin but sometimes it’s unavoidable. I also buy a lot of second hand books which have already been broken but that doesn’t bother me . I also damaged a …

The Norman Mailer Center Announces Six Writers Selected for 2016 Fiction and Nonfiction Summer Fellowships at Ucross Foundation. The Norman Mailer Center Announces Six Writers Selected for 2016 Fiction and Nonfiction Summer Fellowships at Ucross Foundation Fiction Fellows are Jenessa Abrams, Cara Diaconoff, and Raghu Karnad Nonfiction Fellows are Andy Martin, Michael Nixon, and Joshua Stupple Greg Curtis will serve as Mentor New York, NY – The Norman Mailer Center announces that six writers have been selected for 2016 Fellowships in Fiction and Nonfiction, which will take place from July 8 – 25 at the Ucross Foundation. The 8th annual NMC summer fellowship program is designed to facilitate a balance between a focus on individual work and a forum for …

CFA Master Class: Lee Child – VIDEO

Published on Mar 18, 2016 Admired by his peers and hundreds of thousands of readers, author of the wildly popular Jack Reacher series, Lee Child returned to Crime Fiction Academy (CFA) to talk with CFA Director Jonathan Santlofer about the craft of suspense writing and about his most recent book, Make Me. There’s simply no one better to impart crime fiction wisdom.

The Camus of the crime thriller: behind the Jack Reacher books – REVIEW

REVIEW NEW STATESMAN BY Leo Robson – the New Statesman’s lead fiction reviewer DECEMBER 2nd 2015 Andy Martin’s Reacher Said Nothing: Lee Child and the Making of “Make Me” gives us a fly-on-the-wall view of the crime writer. Of all literary genres, biography is the one most bound by convention and least guilty about being conventional. W H Auden was forever dipping in to Saintsbury’s History of English Prosody to snuffle for technical challenges, and claimed to have written a poem in every known metre, but none of his half-dozen biographers has abandoned the well-worn route parodied in his sonnet “Who’s Who” (“A shilling life will give you all the facts”). In 1934, the year that Auden wrote that poem, …