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I didn’t have to choose the waffle. Could have been pancakes. Or tacos, with extra potatoes on the side. It could have been banana waffle, but I went and chose the strawberry waffle. It just felt like a strawberry waffle kind of day. Lydia was having the tacos. The waitress delivered our order. The waffle was punctuated by swirls of whipped cream. And, as per the menu, laden with slices of strawberry. I had to sit back and admire. It was a thing of beauty. Somehow I felt I had to take my phone out to take a picture. ‘I have a dog called Waffle,’ I said. ‘Really?’ said Lydia. ‘That’s a nice name for a dog.’ We were sitting …

Japanese TV

The “Binary Praxis” lecture series Including the legendary ‘Becksistentialism’. Link COMING SOON

Once upon a time in Essex

Andy Martin teaches French philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Growing up in Essex inspired him to write about surfing, Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, Napoleon Bonaparte—in short, anything other than Essex. Until now. He is currently writing “Nausea in New York,” recording the secret war between existentialists and the FBI. How do you get Geoff Russell, Johnny Herne, my twin brother and me on a single bike? Easy! My brother on the rear, Geoff on the crossbar, me pedalling and Johnny sitting up in front, on the handlebars. Which was a bit unfortunate for him. Not so much on account of the brake dropping off half way down Avalon Road—about a 1 in 5 gradient—when we had …

Against happiness: Why we need a philosophy of failure

We are now suffering the Hawaiianisation of everywhere by Andy Martin / August 1, 2014 View Article >> In Hawaii, people are expected to be too happy. Is Britain going the same way? While in Hawaii on a quest for the perfect wave, I once bumped into a psychiatrist who asked me where I came from. She gave a sigh of respect at my answer. “England!” she said, in a dreamy kind of way. “You are so lucky!” How so, I asked, far more in love with Hawaii. “Because in England you can be miserable and nobody minds. They expect you to be miserable over there.” It turned out that she was a specialist in depression. I said, “But we’re …